TWS isn’t for everyone- but it is great for some people. If you :

Think in terms of life experiences and achievements as opposed to just account balances and rates-of-return…Believe things go better and smoother when everything is integrated rather than in silos…Realize that “financial planning” is not just investments- but everything having to do with and impacted by your finances…Understand that achieving financial security and independence- and from it the life you want- is like eating an elephant. Just start with one bite and keep on going…Believe the benefits of an ongoing relationship with a trusted advisor are exponential compared to a one-time or short-term relationship…Think an objective, outside view of your situation can help open new possibilities…

Then we we’re probably a good fit.

We think- know really- that the way our clients judge how life is going is by what they’re able to do and achieve. It’s a holistic view of their life. It’s not just looking at an investment account balance. It’s not just looking at a particular vacation. It’s the whole package. We don’t focus on just one area- insurance coverage, taxes, estate planning, etc.— but rather how do all those interact and integrate to make life as stress-free, enjoyable and satisfying as possible. We also know that the more interaction we have with our clients, the better we understand and know them. That means we can better tailor our advice to their goals and personal values. If you desire a relationship as opposed to a transaction- you’re in the right place.

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