Some firms have “their way” and, well, “their way” of doing things. We realize you may have different needs and wants than your best friend. For that reason we do something very odd. We offer multiple service pathways. Rather than pushing square pegs into round holes- we also offer square holes too.

We offer three service levels. They vary in what they address, the depth of the analysis, and the duration of the engagement. In our initial meeting we discuss your situation- what’s going on and what you’re trying to do or figure out- so we can select the service pathway that best addresses your needs and provides you the information necessary to move forward.

Financial Life Planning (FLP):

FLP is an ongoing financial and investment advising relationship. It couples holistic financial planning- meaning integration of all areas of your finances with your goals and values- with professional management of your investment assets. Unlike some advisers that only work with your investments, in the FLP engagement you know your investments, and how you’re investing, align with the plan you’re following. Likewise, changes or variations in your plan are reflected in your investment strategy and allocation. You avoid the disconnect of your investments not aligning with your plans. You benefit from our experience and expertise in developing the strategy, implementing it, and monitoring the results. It makes us partners in your personal and financial success. Over time we’ll explore opportunities, track your progress, and make adjustments- especially as your goals and circumstances change (and they will). FLP encompasses the grand picture while taking care of the details. A holistic approach, integrating your plan with the assets that fund the plan, increases the chances of you achieving your goals and feeling reassured that you’re getting there. It’s a proactive service, helping to head-off problems and identify opportunities. It’s a close, personal relationship centered around you and your needs. It’s not for everyone, but it is for folks who want, value, and appreciate a relationship with someone dedicated to helping them make good choices, avoid problems, and live life to the fullest. To learn more, click here.

Foundation Program (FP):

A strong foundation is imperative for success, be it education, sports, a home or finances. Without it you can’t be confident of achieving success. The Foundation Program is designed to help clients build and reinforce their financial foundation. Rather than focusing on financial products as others may, the FP starts with your goals and values. Clarity there makes for a strong financial foundation. With that base an Action Plan can be created to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be.

The FP is an annually renewable program. During the year we work through our Life Planning process, develop your plan, and assist you in working through your Action Checklist to begin your journey. Is it appropriate for you? Are you and your spouse/partner:

  • Clear about what it is you wish to accomplish in life- personally and professionally?
  • In agreement about short, medium and long-term goals? Do you discuss differences?
  • Comfortable with the investments you own, the work you do, and your overall finances?
  • Have a plan for moving forward- and are actually getting things done?

A “no” to any of these, and especially to all of them, might mean you’ll find real value in going through the Foundation Program. A goal for many is to “graduate” from the Foundation Program to the Financial Life Planning (FLP) program where we then work to build upon your foundation to achieve financial security and independence. To learn more, click here.

Self-Managed Plan (SMP):

Are you afraid there’s an elephant in the room you’re not seeing? Worried you’re making a big mistake and not realizing it? Are the things you’re doing working in harmony or at cross-purposes? If you only knew what to do, you’d gladly do it. Do you see yourself in the above? The SMP is a short-term engagement and limited in scope. It’s designed to review your overall financial situation and provide feedback as to what makes sense, what doesn’t, and whether or not you’re on track to where you want to go. Unlike the FLP and FP, it isn’t designed to help you make or clarify your goals. It works with those you have. It’s meant for the do-it-yourselfer who is clear on goals and comfortable implementing the recommendations. It shows you where you are now- but it’s not designed for helping you track your progress down the road.

Before embarking on the SMP path, you should consider your answers to these questions. We’ve found them to be a strong predictor of your success with this engagement:

  1. Are you- and your spouse/partner- clear and in agreement about your goals?
  2. Do you- and your spouse/partner- have a history of following through on projects that may:
    • have a long timeline to completion,
    • necessitate working on topics out of your comfort zone and base of knowledge,
    • involve numerous steps and working with other people with specialized knowledge?

A “no” to any of them may mean that the SMP won’t give you what you want and need. The Foundation or Financial Life Planning programs might be more appropriate. To learn more, click here.