Missed Me?

Todd Washburn |

I'm back!!!  My practice has grown a lot over the last couple of years, and I project more of the same this year.  My practice has changed partly because of the growth and partly driven by the growth.  One big change has been the revamping of the services I offer.  There are still three primary levels which are now called The Self-Managed Plan, The Foundation Program, and Financial Life Planning.

Each service level focuses on a different set of client needs and circumstances, allowing me to help most folks looking to improve their financial situation.  I'll tell you more about each level in the future.

With successful growth, of course, comes work.  To help with that I've incorporated a new financial planning-specific client management system. through it I'm systematizing processes so that each client gets the same great experience and attention, and quite honestly, fewer balls get dropped.  It's going to allow me to help my clients track and manage things that were just too hard to do before.
My Wealth Management service is now called Financial Life Planning (FLP).  I think this better reflects its focus and purpose.  "Wealth Management" focuses on Return on Investment (ROI) - while Life Planning focuses on Return on Life (ROL).   ROI is but one component of ROL - and my goal is to help my clients maximize their Return on Life.  
There are some exciting changes coming, too. I'm working on integrating a cloud-based document system allowing my FLP clients, their other advisers, and me to access documents and information from anywhere and to share/transfer documents and information securely and encrypted.  An account aggregation system similar to Mint, but more "advisor-grade" is in the works so that my FLP clients can see their whole financial picture at a glace - at any time.  It'll also allow more frequent updates to their Life Plans and allow me to monitor their progress on ROL more strategically.
Thanks for welcoming me back into your life.  I'm looking forward to delivering helpful information and keeping you up to date on changes here.  I also hope to introduce you to some folks that you may want to know.
Take care,