Looking for a Speaker?

Todd Washburn |

I talk a lot.  My son appears to have inherited that if we’re to believe his teachers.  Of course, his is just talking while mine is exchanging valuable information.  It’s a matter of perspective.

I believe it’s very important that folks take charge of their financial life.  It used to be that the “Company” took care of you. They offered the pension- and managed it too.  They set the career ladder for you to climb.  They “took care of you”.  But that’s not necessarily the case anymore.  We’re becoming more and more responsible for our own welfare.  Saving money, investing money, figuring out a career- or how many careers- is now part and parcel of our adult life.  Except that for most folks it’s not what they were trained to do.

I talk a lot.  And I like to educate (my Myers-Briggs puts me as a college professor).  If you have a group or a club or other organization that might welcome some financial or business information and commentary- tell them about me.  There are lots of social, networking, and business groups out there that are looking for interesting speakers.  I’d appreciate an introduction.  Do you know someone at one of the local schools or universities, or affiliated with adult continuing education programs, who might be looking for someone to run a personal finance or retirement preparation course.  I’d love to talk to them.  Sure- I’m looking for new clients- and they’ll come.  But someone in that room, who might never work directly with me, might hear something that will stop him from making a big mistake or let her see an opportunity she didn’t before.  That would make it all worth it- new clients or not.  I’d love to help you and your organization become better informed and better stewards of your wealth.

To book me to speak at your event, just call 919.403.6633.